Elisabeth Warren: From unelectable to frontrunner

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Once pegged as “un-electable”, she now shares the top seat in the polls…Massachusets Senator Elisabeth Warren’s rise to the front-runner spot among Democratic nominees for president has been swift.Last April, just under 6% of democrats said they’d vote for her…Now, the numbers are enitrely different. She’s polling at over 26%.A steady rise to the top creditted to the frenetic pace of her campaign rallies, her outspoken straight talk speeches, and multiple point by point plans, such as Medicare for all, campaign finance reform and redistributing wealth in America.A furhter to the left and more progressive candidate, the 70 year old law professor’s rise has also been helped by the mis-steps of other hopefuls. Long seen as a shoe-in, Former vice president Joe Biden’s campaign has often floundered. His name is now inextricably linked to the Ukraine scandal, which is at the heart of the Donald Trump impeachment inquiry. He’s now neck and neck with Elisabeth Warren…with Bernie Sanders trailing behind…When it comes to fundraising Sanders is still on top, but there are concerns about his health after a recent heart attack. Like Sanders, Warren’s fundraising has been helped by a strong grassroots following, especially among left of center, educated white progressives. So, Warren will now have to woo centrists, as well as bring in more African american supporters…not to mention deflecting increasing attacks by fellow Democratic candidates, who increasingly see her as the one to beat.

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