Kenya’s incumbent leader Kenyatta clinches second term

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In tonight’s edition: Uhuru Kenyatta secures a second term as Kenya’s President, in Tunisia young innovators are taking a shot at entrepreneurship and we take a look at a South African circus school where students are taken to new heights.
Kenyan leader Uhuru Kenyatta is re-elected for a second term, after winning a disputed presidential vote. The opposition has rejected the results but Kenyatta says he is reaching out to his defeated rival Raila Odinga and his supporters.
Also, Tunisia could be the world’s next tech hub. With a rising start-up scene, young entrepreneurs are hoping to kick start the country’s economy but they have to navigate several stumbling blocks.
And South African students are literally taken to new heights. We take a look at a circus school in Cape Town turning children’s dreams of joining the circus into reality.

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