#Reporters: One year after fleeing North Korea, she narrates her dreadful experience

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In this edition: we take you on a journey with two fugitives from North Korea. Young women who have been sold as slaves, forced into marriage and raped…
We meet them as they begin another perilous part of their journey to their dream: a life where they are free to choose and to live as they please.
The regime in North Korea is known as the most secretive and closed society in the world. But for these young women it was where they grew up, where their families still remain…
Their determination to be free is tainted by their feelings of homesickness and guilt at having left the others behind. And fears over possible reprisals from the Kim regime.
Their journey takes them from the North Korea-China border, thousands of miles to Laos, then to South Korea… One day they hope their friends and family can join them – but taking the shorter direct route from North to South… In the meantime adjusting to life in South Korea has its ups and downs…

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