Strong winds fan major wildfire on Greek island near Athens

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An island paradise… in flames. Fires on the island of Evia started Tuesday, at about 3am and were spread by strong winds through dry vegetation according to local media. Some 500 residents were evacuated from villages on the island, where more than 220 firefighters were deployed. Smoke from the fire blew as far as Athens, where tourtists visited the Parthenon strolled through the haze. Authorities have warned people in affected areas to remain indoors and use air conditioning to keep things fresh. Another wildfire just outside Athens on Monday, burned at least two houses. The island of Elafonissos experienced its own blaze over the weekend. Forest fires are common during the long, hot Greek summers.Although the latest flames are yet to result in human fatalities, more than 100 people died last year in a blaze at a coastly area northeast of Athens

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