Yazidi families arrive in France after difficult journey

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Their identities kept hidden…still vulnerable …and at risk… many fearing for their lives But now on French shores, these Yazidi families have been given a new lease on life, escaping yesterday’s terrors 39. SOUNDBITE 1 – Turko, Yazidi refugee (female, Kurdish, 17 sec): “What we have experienced over the last five years is unimaginable, it was very hard. Today France has opened its arms to us, we can only be grateful to France.”40. SOUNDBITE 2 – Turko, Yazidi refugee (female, Kurdish, 14 sec): “The first thing we would like to do is to learn the language, send our children to school, learn French culture. After that, it is our children who will decide what they want to do with their lives.”Many of these families were victims of assault by Islamic State group fighters in Northern Iraq… some were held in sexual slavery, struggling to regain their place in Yazidi society… others had to flee their homes 41. SOUNDBITE 3 – Eric Chevalier, head of crisis unit at the French Foreign Ministry (male, French, 14 sec): “Their brothers, fathers, husbands and sons were killed, they themselves had to flee, sometimes and often with their children, and they have been living through this internal exodus in Iraq for quite some time.”Wednesday’s arrival helps to fulfill President Emmanuel Macron’s October 2018 pledge to take in 100 families from the ethnic group The offer came following a meeting with Nobel Peace Prize winner Nadia Murad… one of thousands of Yazidi women captured by extremists before being driven out Officials confirmed the families had been put on buses, ready to be taken to different regions of France…now able to begin their new lives

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